About The Film

Knocking on the Devil’s Door 
Following the energy reactor catastrophes of Chernobyl and Three Mile Island, and most recently Fukushima in Japan, nuclear energy remains a terrible specter hovering over the safety, health and well-being of millions of people around the globe.  Not only is the proliferation of nuclear weapons a lingering threat, but so is every nuclear station a ticking bomb awaiting a terrorist attack.
Yet after the all the lessons of past history, the deaths of a million people following Chernobyl ,according to numerous Russian studies, and the likely long-term toll of the Daiichi Fukushima plant being dramatically higher, why is the US with the most reactors in the world, so blinded by the lobbying paybacks and erroneous science of the nuclear industrial complex. Contrary to the propaganda released by the Obama administration and the energy cartel and parroted the media, nuclear energy is neither clean nor renewable.  Moreover, nuclear energy, across the stages from mining that contaminates natural habitats, rivers, and our already stressed aquifers , leaves an immense carbon footprint. It is an energy source that is utterly unsustainable for the future ahead.
In Knocking on the Devil’s Door, by award winning director Gary Null, these other disturbing issues to are treated by an extraordinary cast of scholars, scientists, physicians, activists, and global ethicists, to reveal nuclear energy as a gross violation of human rights, and an industry corrupted by money, greed and deception.
Why should terrorists bother smuggling bombs into the U.S. when, over 100 nuclear facilities lie virtually unprotected all over America – waiting to be “detonated”?
Why are licenses for worn out nuclear plants being extended behind closed doors for another 20 years, increasing the risk of a meltdown?
Many of these re-licensed plants are leaking or have leaked, polluted, radioactive, carcinogenic, tritium water.  A quarter of all US reactors have leaks.
Did you know the government plans use  $54 billion dollars, as just a down payment, to build 200 new nuclear power plants, next to every major city in America? If there were to be an accident, the liability falls completely on the taxpayers, as no insurance company will cover them. Accidents will happen; it’s only a matter of time.
We get less than 9% of our total energy needs from nuclear power.
Is it worth it?
Knock on the Devil’s Door.
Sooner or later someone is going to answer.
Executive Producer: Gary Null
Senior producer: Valerie Van Cleve
Producer: Richard Gale
Editor: Richie Williamson
Production Design: Valerie Van Cleve and Richie Williamson

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